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GP Practice Consent to Link Data

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CPRD is implementing a new data extraction system for GP practices using EMIS GP software. Using the new EMIS system enables practices to earn extra income from questionnaires and clinical research and receive regular practice-level QI reports.

The upgraded system also allows CPRD to link primary care data to other health datasets which expands the scope of clinical research questions that can be addressed by the data.

The process below will be implemented with EMIS. It has been used for many years to link data from GP practices using Vision software. CPRD never receives patient identifiable data from GP practices or from NHS Digital.

Linkage Data Flow

Figure 1: Linkage process and regulatory approvals for anonymised linked patient data to be supplied by CPRD for public health research

As part of the EMIS upgrade, EMIS practices must give permission for us to link their practice data to enable the practice to contribute data to CPRD.

It is recommended that the GP Practice Caldicott Guardian either completes or delegates responsibility for consent to data linkage on behalf of the practice.


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I give consent for CPRD to link data from this practice and confirm I am authorised to do so on behalf of the practice.



Contact or phone 0203 080 7206 for more information.