ISAC Application Process

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  1. A new application form which includes the sections headings which must be used. In order for a protocol to be considered valid and enter the ISAC assessment process, you must provide the information we require in this standard format and we will no longer consider protocols which have been prepared in other formats.
  2. Every application must have a chief investigator (CI) who is a senior person who takes responsibility for the research and signs the application. There must also be a corresponding applicant (who can be the CI) to directly deal with the ISAC secretariat. It will no longer be acceptable for persons not involved in the research to communicate with the secretariat.
  3. A brief curriculum vitae in a standard format must be provided for each applicant; although it will only be necessary to submit this once (unless an update is needed). The Secretariat will provide a reference number for use in future applications. A conflict of interest statement covering all the applicants must also be provided.

The new application form can be downloaded here and may be used before 1st of July. Revised guidance to applicants is available here