C. Murray

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J. Czoski
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Kingsbury, S. R., Smith, L. K., Murray, C. J. C., Pinedo-Villanueva, R., Judge, A., West, R., et al. (2022). Safety of disinvestment in mid- to late-term follow-up post primary hip and knee replacement: the UK SAFE evidence synthesis and recommendations. In Health and Social Care Delivery Research . http://doi.org/10.3310/kodq0769
Murray, C. J. C., Kingsbury, S. R., Arden, N. K., Hewison, J., Judge, A., Matu, J., et al. (2019). Towards UK poSt Arthroplasty Follow-up rEcommendations (UK SAFE): protocol for an evaluation of the requirements for arthroplasty follow-up, and the production of consensus-based recommendations. BMJ Open. http://doi.org/10.1136/bmjopen-2019-031351