Access to Data

Online Data - GOLD

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Primary care data are available online via CPRD GOLD. CPRD GOLD provides powerful disease and drug coding dictionaries and a fast query tool that DEFINES patient cohorts. An EXTRACT tool then enables, as specified, cuts of the data against a cohort or control group.

Accessing CPRD Data

Access to data from CPRD is always subject to a full licence agreement containing details terms and conditions of use. The key principles behind these are summarised below:-

  • CPRD data access licences are not transferable.
  • Provision of data is for use for public-benefiting medical research only.
  • An Independent Scientific Advisory Committee (ISAC) protocol is required for all research which is in any way to be communicated to others. View the ISAC section  
  • A dataset may only be used for the study for which it has been approved.
  • Attempts to identify patients, practices or clinicians is specifically prohibited.
  • CPRD reserves the right to audit any organisation in receipt of data.
  • Adequate security measures must be in place to prevent unauthorised use or copying of any downloaded Data.

Data sets

Patient level datasets can be extracted for researchers against specific study specifications, following protocol approval from ISAC.

Online Access

An annual licence for online access to the CPRD GOLD database enables any number of individual ISAC-approved studies to be carried out.