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Join the growing network of GP practices contributing to CPRD

Trusted and government-backed

The Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD) is a not-for-profit organisation, jointly funded by the National Institute for Health Research and the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, which has been providing anonymised healthcare records for public health research for over 25 years.

Hundreds of GP practices across the UK contribute anonymised patient data to CPRD. Data has been used in peer-reviewed research leading to improvements in drug safety and clinical guidelines, resulting in over 1,700 publications.

Joining CPRD is endorsed by the Royal College of GPs, the NIHR Clinical Research Network and NHS England.

How the data are used

Data are used for observational research to understand patient and public health outcomes and to develop evidence-based healthcare. Data are also used to support patient-consented clinical studies.

Benefits to GPs of joining CPRD

  • Anonymised primary care data from your practice will support vital public health research leading to advances in patient safety and delivery of care.
  • Your practice can take part in clinical studies – ranging from GP questionnaires to clinical trials - and earn extra income.
  • Your patients will have the opportunity to participate in clinical studies, demonstrating that your practice is at the forefront of evidence-based healthcare.
  • You can receive regular practice-level quality improvement feedback, helping you improve clinical outcomes for your patients.
  • Joining CPRD is a simple, one-off process. Data is then collected automatically with no burden to practice staff.

Safeguarding patient data

CPRD only receives and supplies anonymised patient data and complies with robust ethics, governance and security regulatory frameworks. Primary care data is linked to other healthcare datasets by trusted third parties.

Data can only be supplied to bona fide researchers for public health research purposes. CPRD operates on a GP opt-in basis and individual patients have the right to opt out of their data being collected by CPRD for research.

How to join

Complete the simple registration form or email for more information.

We are seeking GPs to take part as investigators in a pioneering pragmatic real-world trial designed to determine the effectiveness of dapagliflozin compared to standard of care for second line treatment of type 2 diabetes. Further information is available for Vision and EMIS practices.