Our services

World-leading prospective and retrospective research services to facilitate your public health and clinical studies

CPRD is the leading provider of integrated real-world research services based on UK population electronic health records (EHRs). Our services are used by academic, industry and government organisations worldwide.

  • Provision of data 
    Access to anonymised patient level primary care and linked data  
  • Commissioned research service 
    Bespoke studies conducted in part or in full by in-house CPRD researchers
  • Expert advice
    Provision of expert scientific advice on data, validation and study design 
  • Patient recruitment services
    CPRD SPRINT (Speedy Patient Recruitment INto Trials) services for commercial studies. Patient questionnaires and surveys for commercial and non-commercial studies
  • GP questionnaires 
    CPRD PROVE (Providing Online Verification of EHR) and CPRD PROVE Plus services for GP questionnaire studies
  • Data enabled clinical trials support 
    EHR based recruitment, enrolment and EHR follow-up for low risk phase IV CTIMP studies
  • Cluster randomised trials
    Randomised GP practice-level intervention studies  
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