Approved studies using CPRD Data

Applications to access CPRD data for observational research are reviewed by the Independent Scientific Advisory Committee (ISAC). Approval by ISAC is required for researchers to carry out their proposed studies.

A summary of all ISAC-approved protocols, including a lay and technical summary of the proposed research, is published three months after researchers have access to the data to begin their study.

The table below includes all ISAC-approved protocols submitted to CPRD from 1st July 2015. Searches can be carried out using applicant names, approval date or by using key words within the protocol title. Protocols below are listed in order of date of approval.

Peer-reviewed publications from research using CPRD data will be listed on our bibliography page


ISAC Approval Date Title
01/09/2017 Evaluation of Disease Burden and Treatment Patterns in Postpartum Depression: A Retrospective Observational Study of UK Practice
06/09/2017 Handling missing covariate data and changes in exposure status:
13/09/2017 Quantifying the severity of chronic conditions in English Primary Care using the Clinical Practice Research Datalink
13/09/2017 Effect of major common infections on the incidence of post-stroke dementia: a cohort study using the UK Clinical Practice Research Datalink
13/09/2017 Treatment with DPP-4 inhibitors, adherence to Summary of Product Characteristics and therapy adjustment.
18/09/2017 National patterns in anti-asthmatic treatment in general practice: a descriptive study using data from the Clinical Practice Research Datalink.
19/09/2017 The effectiveness of CVD preventative treatment in a multi-morbid population
19/09/2017 the safety and effectiveness of direct oral anticoagulants antagonists in conditions that elevate drug concentrations
22/09/2017 Utility and performance of prognostic algorithms for cardiovascular disease in type 2 diabetes patients.
29/09/2017 Developing a Clinical Decision Support Tool for the Early Diagnosis of Malignant Tumours of the Pancreas
29/09/2017 Association between the prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors and new use of testosterone
29/09/2017 Cardiovascular Outcomes and Mortality in Cardio-Renal-Metabolic Disease Progression in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients within the United Kingdom
05/10/2017 Derivation and validation of a clinical algorithm to predict patient cholesterol response to the initiation of statins and cardiovascular outcomes.
05/10/2017 Association of blood lipids, atherosclerosis and statins with post-stroke cognitive impairment
06/10/2017 Treatment of venous thromboembolism in England: an observational cohort study using Clinical Practice Research Datalink, Hospital Episode Statistics and Office for National Statistics databases
06/10/2017 AChEIs and the Risk of Acute Ischemic Events and Bleeding in Patients with AD
09/10/2017 Investigating mortality risks up to and after the first presentation of cardiovascular disease: a cohort study using linked CPRD primary care, hospital admission and mortality data
09/10/2017 Healthcare resource utilization among patients diagnosed with Systemic Sclerosis-associated Interstitial Lung Disease in the United Kingdom: An observational study using the Clinical Practice Research Datalink - INTERSTELLAR
11/10/2017 The adverse effects of tramadol
12/10/2017 Primary care prescriptions of nephrotoxic medications in children with a previous episode of acute kidney injury or with a diagnosis of chronic kidney disease