Approved studies using CPRD Data

Access to CPRD data, including UK Primary Care Data, and linked data such as Hospital Episode Statistics, is subject to protocol approval via CPRD’s Research Data Governance (RDG) Process. Independent scientific and patient advice is provided by Expert Review Committees (ERCs) and the Central Advisory Committee (CAC). 

A summary of all approved protocols, including a lay and technical summary of the proposed research, is published three months after researchers have access to the data to begin their study. COVID-19 research protocols are being fast-tracked and all approved summaries are published within 72 hours to ensure transparency and to help avoid unnecessary duplication. 

Protocols below are listed in order of date of approval. Please click on the study title for more details. 

Peer-reviewed publications from research using CPRD data will be listed on our bibliography page


Date of Approval Title
12/04/2021 Predictors and outcomes of traumatic brain injury (concussion) in children
09/04/2021 Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis on Treatments, Natural History, Health Care Resource Utilisation, and Medical Cost in Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy in England
09/04/2021 Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis on Treatments, Natural History, Health Care Resource Utilisation, and Medical Cost in Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy in England
08/04/2021 Variation in mental and physical health of children with long-term conditions or disability and their families: a longitudinal cohort study
08/04/2021 Estimating national and local prevalence of severe mental illnesses (SMI) and personality disorders (PD) in England: an exploratory study
08/04/2021 Validation of query definitions for a new or long-term course of antidepressant medications: a descriptive study.
07/04/2021 Mortality and associated risk factors in individuals with and without type 1 and type 2 diabetes: A matched retrospective cohort study.
07/04/2021 The clinical and economic burden of antibiotic use among paediatric patients with Varicella infection: a retrospective cohort analysis of real-world data in the UK
06/04/2021 Characterisation of multimorbidity clusters and trajectories using data-driven approaches in a nationally-representative population
31/03/2021 Effectiveness of Indapamide Sustained Released on top of Perindopril on blood pressure change: a methodological study to validate effect of anti-hypertensive drugs in Clinical Research Practice Datalink
31/03/2021 The impact of systemic corticosteroids on major adverse cardiovascular events, solid-tumours and mortality in adults: a retrospective cohort study.
31/03/2021 The nexus of diabetes, hypertension, and depression and its contribution to multimorbidity in United Kingdom
30/03/2021 Incidence and prevalence of Antiphospholipid Syndrome in United Kingdom.
25/03/2021 Retrospective database study to describe healthcare resource utilization in patients on antimuscarinics with overactive bladder in England
24/03/2021 Econometric analysis of the distribution of primary and secondary costs and activity for patients with non-communicable diseases
24/03/2021 The Role of Tuberculosis Disease on Non-Communicable Disease Risk: Comparative Analysis of Large Healthcare Databases
24/03/2021 The use of locum doctors in the UK National Health System (NHS): understanding and improving the safety and quality of care
24/03/2021 The impact of systemic corticosteroids on diabetes mellitus and osteoporosis in adults: a retrospective cohort study
24/03/2021 The effectiveness of opicapone treatment compared to entacapone in Parkinson's disease using electronic primary healthcare records and linked secondary care data
24/03/2021 Trends in use of Glucose-lowering Medications in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes and Chronic Kidney Disease, 2000-2020