Diabetes, use of metformin and the risk of meningioma

Date of ISAC Approval: 
Lay Summary: 
Use of metformin, a commonly used drug to treat diabetes, has been related to a decreased risk of cancer, but there is no specific data on meningioma. Meningioma is a common type of brain cancer deriving from the cerebral meninges, which are the membranes enveloping the brain. We propose to conduct a study using the U.K.-based Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD) to analyse the associations between diabetes and use of metformin in relation to the risk of meningioma.
Technical Summary: 
Using data from the CPRD, we intend to perform a matched case-control analysis to explore the association between diabetes, use of metformin, and risk of meningioma. Cases will be individuals with an incident diagnosis of malignant meningioma between 1995 and 2015, younger than 90 years of age. Ten control patients will be matched to each case on age, sex, calendar time, general practice, and number of years of active history in the CPRD prior to the index date. Relative risks will be estimated by conducting conditional logistic regression analyses to determine odds ratios (ORs) with 95% confidence intervals (CIs). Analyses will be adjusted for covariates determined to be potential confounders, (those that alter the risk of meningioma by >10%).
Health Outcomes to be Measured: 
The association between diabetes, use of metformin, and risk of meningioma

Christoph Meier - Chief Investigator - University of Basel
Claudia Becker - Researcher - University of Basel
Dr Corinna Seliger - Researcher - University of Regensburg
Professor Michael Leitzmann - Researcher - University of Regensburg
Professor Peter Hau - Researcher - University of Regensburg
Dr Susan S Jick - Researcher - BCDSP - Boston Collaborative Drug Surveillance Program
Ulrich Bogdahn - Researcher - University of Regensburg