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Improving and safeguarding Public Health – the importance of data

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A primary remit for CPRD is to realise the research potential of anonymised NHS healthcare data. Both observational (data) and interventional studies deliver research outputs beneficial to improving and safeguarding patient and public health.

The collection of comprehensive, representative primary care data enables the feasibility of potential observational and interventional research projects to be more accurately assessed.

Approved observational studies can be undertaken to improve and/or safeguard public health. These studies are concerned with drug and devices safety, risk/benefit, outcomes as well as unmet need and the overall journey of care.

Having access to data on a very large population is extremely important as it enables research on rare diseases and importantly rare outcomes. New medications are becoming ever more powerful and there is a regulatory requirement to monitor the risk/benefit in everyday real world use. This can be done more easily and faster with access to a large population data set. Additionally, as medicines become more personalised and the granularity of the data increases, it is important to use data from as many practices as possible.

We invite all practices to become a partner with CPRD, enabling the use of data in major observational and interventional studies and also ensuring that CPRD helps practices develop, improve and extend their involvement in ensuring that current practice is solidly based upon research findings.